The secret of good intentions

A new year is upon us, and this time am I more excited than ever to get started. Whether you're the type to have good intentions or not, as far as I'm concerned it's always just as good to reflect on the past year, and to step into the new year with a certain goal. Especially after a year like this! But, don't make it too complicated and heavy. You don't have to turn your whole life around. Keep it simple. Read on quickly and I'll share my secret.

Tip 1: Positive spiral

Drink less, move more, lose weight... Resolutions that require huge adjustments in your daily habits are of no use to you. You don't just change habits. After a week or two you fall back into your old lifestyle and nothing has changed, except that you already missed your first goal.

Instead of finding solutions to problems, it's better to pick up small habits that help you get into a positive spiral. Simple things you can do to make your life more fun. Below are a few handy little habits in a few themes that will bring about a lot of change.

Do you want more luck?

Focus on gratitude. The emotion of gratitude really is the easiest way to instantly feel happier. Express your gratitude both in yourself and in public. Feeling grateful regularly throughout the day will make you feel happier. Super simple and effective!

Do you want better health?

Instead of focusing on all the things that are not good for you, focus on adding healthy things. An apple or a smoothie in between, and tasty fresh juice, raw vegetables with drinks and more vegetables in your stir-fry dish. This way you will automatically become more 'filled' and you will feel less hungry for that bag of chips. And in addition of course: a walk a day makes you fit with a smile.

Do you want more love?

Invest in the relationships you have. Whoever is kind to someone else will also receive more love in return. So dare to give. Give sincere compliments, help someone else, invite people, be attentive and from your appreciation. The better you treat the people in your life, the better they will treat you. This way you get more fun out of your friendships and your life is filled with love and nice people.

Do you want to be more successful?

Stop doing multiple things at once and always focus on one important goal. This way you use your time and energy much more effectively, and you reach your goals faster.

Do you want more freedom?

As a mother of 3, my physical freedom in time management is often a challenge. Despite that, I certainly feel free. Free to be who I am. And not to attach too much importance to what other people think of it. Overcome your fears, and occasionally give a shit about what others want and think.

Tip 2: Choose a theme word for the year

Instead of setting a specific goal, choose a theme. This way you do not have a specific measurable goal that you can or cannot achieve, but you have a common thread for the entire year that helps you make choices. So, what do you want more of next year? Think of a word that will accompany you throughout the year to give you more of that.

This year I choose more happiness and love. My theme word will be 'Gratitude'. Grateful for the lovely sent people I have in my life, and ready to give their love. I'm going to enjoy little things, gestures and moments. And name and discuss them. This will be a positive and loving year. What will be your theme word of the year?

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