10 nice spring onions

Oh, if only it could be spring all year round! How I love this season with the nice long light days, the beautiful blossoms in the trees and colorful bulb fields, the lambs in the meadow and all the other spring clichés. There are also many days off, so it's great to go out together. Here are 10 fun outings in the spring that will hopefully inspire you to go out for a nice chat , walk or activity date .

Visit a botanical garden

With 27 Botanic Gardens in the Netherlands there is probably one near you. The botanical garden is completely different every season, but I especially find springtime with all the blossoms on the trees magical. I always find the beautifully landscaped gardens and the rich collection of plant species fantastic to wander through. There is often also a greenhouse to walk into the tropics.

Cheerful butterfly garden

Butterflies come in all shapes and sizes. Their beautiful colors and shapes are a feast for the eyes and the fun part is, you are always in a room with them and really go hunting. Also great fun with kids.

To the Keukenhof

At the end of March, when spring is just beginning, the Keukenhof opens its doors. You will probably not be the only one, and you have to ignore the buses of tourists, but I think the colors and all the different shapes that our beautiful tulip can take are very special.

Picking garden

Spring means a beautiful bunch of flowers on the table, and how nice is it to pick them yourself in a picking garden! Picking season May – November.

Second-hand markets

For many people, spring also means that the itch for the big spring cleaning is coming. Time for one job date to shake up the house again, a new color on the wall and perhaps a nice new cupboard. Or while, out with the old, and in with the new. But what someone else throws away can be something new for you. So visit nice second-hand shops and markets, who knows, you might find something that will make you happy. Look at here a list of current markets and second-hand events.

Bicycle tour

Well, in a cycling country like the Netherlands (or Belgium), a bike ride should hardly be missing from this list of fun outings in the spring. Past various petting zoos, through a beautiful nature reserve or through the beautiful Bulb Region. You experience it differently on a bicycle than from a car. In between you stop for a nice picnic or on a terrace and get an ice cream somewhere in between. Just Google 'cycling routes' or take a look Here you will find plenty of mapped out routes with nice stops. There's bound to be something suitable there.

The beach

A day at the beach is also wonderful on a sunny spring day. The beach is not yet as busy as it is in the summer, after a nice walk on the beach you can still relax at one of the beach bars without any problems and you can now buy an ice cream without standing in line for hours. Right now the beach is an ideal spring outing.

Have a picnic

There's nothing better than spending a whole day outside, including eating outside. Try on that dress from the closet, make a delicious spring salad and chill that bottle of white wine. Invite some friends and enjoy the outdoors!

Lamb days

To complete the spring festival, it is also great fun to go to a petting zoo to see all the new life. How about feeding or cuddling lambs during lamb days. Find here one close to you.

City trip

Oh well, visiting a city is always fun, especially when the weather gets a bit warmer, but not too hot yet. Who knows, you might score a nice dress in the new spring/summer collection between the terraces, or a nice sweater on sale. Plan that city trip with your sister or friend quickly!

Who are you taking with you for a fun spring outing? Surprise them and invite them with our fun invitations !

Photo credits: Unslpash , Pexel