This is the power of giving

Giving makes you rich and it is said that giving makes us more successful and happier in the long run. Of course that sounds wonderful and is worth giving, right? What we know is that giving makes us feel good and makes us happy. So why don't we do this more often? Read and be inspired! This is the power of giving.

To give is to receive

This is also called sowing is reaping. By investing in something, something good may come back later. By giving, you get. And we don't always mean in the form of items or gifts, but for example by being attentive , giving and receiving a nice smile, a pat on the back, a wink and so on. And the great thing is, you always have it with you and you don't even have to go to the store for it. ;-)

Giving contributes to happiness

Did you know that giving also contributes to happiness? We can only encourage that. It gives you a nice feeling to give, to see the recipient happy and to increase your sense of happiness and that of others. The happiness hormone endorphin is produced extra in your body when you give and receive and does a happy dance. Don't you wish this on everyone!?

Surprising to give

Especially when someone does not expect you to give anything, this creates an extra surprising effect. Surprising makes you happy, it creates connection, trust, it strengthens the bond and it creates beautiful memories. Do we need to say more?

What you can give

When we give something to someone, we often think of a present. And that is of course also super fun, especially to receive. This could, for example, be a letterbox gift , it does not always have to be large or expensive, because a small gift makes a big gesture . But you can also give other things. We have so much to give away that sometimes we don't even think about it. But it is even more valuable than a gift! For example, think of:

  • Love and warmth
  • A listening ear
  • Empathy
  • A big heart
  • Staff
  • A compliment

These are the most beautiful gifts, right? But what exactly can you do with it? We are of course referring to listening to someone when something is bothering them. For example, helping someone with shopping because he or she has difficulty walking or giving someone a compliment when someone is not feeling up to it. The possibilities are endless. Sowing is reaping and giving contributes to happiness. Whatever you give, give!