These are the best affordable summer outing tips

With summer approaching, we are all looking forward to the wonderful and sunny weather. We feel extra energetic and feel like doing fun things again. A day out and making beautiful memories is always a good idea, so let the summer come. These are the best affordable summer outing tips. Read and be inspired!


Going for a walk

Walking is wonderful! You can shake off the hustle and bustle of the day, it's good for exercise and you come across all kinds of beautiful things along the way. If those aren't good reasons! Sometimes you have to make an effort to get the children along, but once you are on the road they often have a lot of fun. You can of course also make it extra fun for the children by walking the Gnome Path , for example. This is a route that has been plotted in many places in the Netherlands where you have to do all kinds of fun assignments. This makes walking extra fun for children. You can also come up with fun assignments yourself, of course. And don't forget the well-filled picnic basket with goodies. Along the way, choose the most beautiful spot, have a nice rest and regain your strength by snacking. That's fun!


Day at the sea

The fresh wind in your hair, the rushing sea in the background, children flying kites and a good book... who cares? A day at the sea immediately reduces your stress level and you imagine yourself in a completely different world. Kind of like a mini vacation. A day at the sea is wonderful when the weather is warm, but also nice to get a breath of fresh air when the weather is less nice. Enjoy a walk with the dog, a refreshing drink or hot chocolate in a beach bar and we guarantee that your day will not go wrong.

Rent a boat or canoe

Another fun and especially active tip! Rent a boat, canoe or SUP and discover the land from the water. It's great fun to be active in a canoe or on a SUP, but a whisper boat in Giethoorn is also recommended and, above all, an entertaining outing. There is so much to see and discover along the way. You bring a backpack full of goodies and you can sit on your own floating terrace. Bring a few friends and you can share the costs. Afterwards you can get some fries together. ;-)

swimming pool, summer outing

Splash in the pool

Do you also love swimming in the summer? Swimming is wonderful, especially in warm weather. You immediately work on your fitness and children usually love swimming. Choose a different swimming pool in the area than the local swimming pool. This takes you to a different place and gives even more of the feeling of a nice day out. Bring a ball and throw a little action together. Ride the slide? When this is available, it is always a hit.

parade, summer outing


Summer is filled with fun festivals. Discover new music and dance all day or night. Check out the agenda here to see if there is something fun to do for dancing. More looking forward to atmosphere and culture? Then visit the Parade , one of my personal favorite festivals.

picking garden, summer outing

Picking garden

Fancy a few extra vitamins? And do you love brightly colored flowers? Then a day at the picking garden is a really nice outing for you. Here you can pick and taste all kinds of beautiful flowers and goodies. Also a really nice experience to do together with children. Together you pick the most beautiful bouquets of flowers in a colorful flower garden. You can then have coffee with someone and surprise him or her with your picked bouquet and a vase card or a basket with picked fruit. It doesn't get more surprising than this!

BBQ summer outing

BBQ in the garden

Do you enjoy staying at home for a day, but still doing something fun? Organize a BBQ in the garden and invite friends, family and/or acquaintances for a tasteful experience. Let everyone bring their favorite drink and dish for an extra surprising element. Create a small bar in the garden and let the kids provide the drinks. Such a great summer party! You can of course also end your day out with a nice BBQ in the garden. With these fun and affordable tips you will experience the most beautiful memories together. Enjoy!


In short, the golden happiness on the horizon gives us all positive energy and makes us want to go out for a nice day. Pick a cheerful bouquet in the picking garden and surprise someone with it. Or revive the holiday feeling with a day at the beach or rent a SUP and then finish with a BBQ. Who are you going to invite to enjoy the summer together?