10 fun autumn outings: indoors and outdoors

It won't be long before autumn will start again. A cozy season with falling leaves, cooler temperatures and cozy candlelight. Although we tend to spend more time indoors in the fall, there are also fun outings outside. And since we are fans of fun and discoveries, we have the following 10 fun autumn outings for you to fully enjoy this beautiful season.

1. Forest walk

This is always a good idea, especially in the fall with all those colorful leaves. Enjoy strolling through the leaves together and breathing in the fresh forest air. Don't forget to bring a bag to take home the treasures found along the way. For example, turn it into an attractive autumn table. Tip: Send a card to your walking date and invite him or her for a nice walk in the woods.

2. Visit to the library

Do you feel like taking a moment of rest after a walk in the woods or is the weather bad outside? Then a visit to the library is a relaxing tip. They have several reading corners where you can sit or read to your child. You can of course also take a number of books home with you for the necessary reading moments. Grab a warm blanket, light the candles and read a stack of books. Don't forget to pour yourself a good glass of wine or a hot chocolate with whipped cream.

3. Visit a pumpkin farm

Have you ever heard of a pumpkin farm? Here they grow pumpkins that are used for various purposes. They look so nice in a basket by the front door, they brighten up the autumn table and you can make cool lanterns for outside. Check where there is a pumpkin farm in your area, because they often organize activities as well.

4. Visit a place you haven't been yet

Anyone who loves culture can easily explore the Netherlands. We have many beautiful places that you probably haven't seen yet. Beautiful historic city centers with old buildings. But also nice places by the sea where you can get a breath of fresh air in the autumn and then warm up with a cup of hot chocolate in a beach bar.

5. Apple picking

The apples are ready for picking in the fall, so a visit to a picking garden during this period is great fun! There are picking gardens throughout the country where you can pick the goodies yourself. It is a relaxing activity and afterwards you have a beautiful basket full of apples that you can use to make a tasty apple pie, for example.

6. Workshops in garden centers

Have you ever done this? They organize inspiring workshops with an autumn theme in various garden centers. For example, beautiful wreaths with food for the birds are made, as well as nice lanterns and flower arrangements with autumn branches. This way you have something fun to do and you come home with something nice.

7. Amusement park or zoo

This is a fun outing, especially when the weather is nice and with children. An amusement park offers indoor and outdoor options, so there's no problem with a shower. The animals in the zoo are also always worth a visit. It is very educational and at the same time your happiness hormone is stimulated when seeing all those cute animals.

8. Indoor or outdoor climbing park

Do you love nature and challenges? Then an outdoor climbing park is highly recommended! You climb at great heights and encounter various challenges and obstacles along the way that you have to overcome. This outing is perfect in the fall, because then it is not too hot outside. Are you looking for some adventure, but want to avoid the cold and perhaps rain? Then the indoor climbing parks with various climbing walls are also great fun!

9. Baking and cooking together

Fall is the season of good comfort food. Go to the local market, buy delicious seasonal products and enjoy baking and cooking together. Don't forget the fresh pumpkins from the pumpkin farm! Invite friends and family and organize a baking and cooking day . Make the most delicious dishes and then enjoy a nice long meal together. Make a warm pumpkin soup, a tender stew and a fresh apple pie, from the apples from the picking garden, and enjoy!

10. Game day

This is a wonderful tip, especially in bad weather! Invite friends and family for a day of board games and puzzles. While the rain taps on the windows, you can enjoy a pleasant afternoon with all your loved ones. Of course, tasty snacks and drinks are included to complete the pleasant get-together.


Whichever of these 10 outing tips you decide to discover, autumn is full of opportunities to enjoy together and make beautiful memories. Plan your date quickly.