What is involved in the birth of a baby?

The arrival of a baby is one of the most special moments you can experience in life. But at the same time it is also a moment that can be accompanied by many uncertainties. There is a lot to consider when having a baby and this starts during pregnancy. Here is a look at the preparations and a few useful tips to help expectant parents on their way to the wonderful adventure! Maybe interesting for you or for someone around you who is pregnant.

Hooray pregnant!

From the moment of the positive test, the circus begins. Some people want to tell everyone immediately, others prefer to wait for the ultrasound scan of 10-12 weeks. Maybe you want to know if it will be a boy or a girl? This can be done around the 20 week ultrasound scan. Once you are ready to share the news, look for original ways to do this. A call or text to everyone is of course possible, but it is much more fun to make something special out of it. For example, pack a romper, or bake a cake with some color in it. Especially nice for the unveiling at the home of future grandparents or uncles and aunts.

Decorate the baby room

One of the nicest things to do is decorate the baby's room. What color will be on the wall, will there be new nursery furniture or is there nice old furniture to renovate and pimp? But choosing accessories is also a wonderful activity. What is needed when having a baby?

  • Crib or bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Chest of drawers
  • Wall shelf to keep care products close at hand
  • Comfortable chair to sit in to feed your baby at night
  • Night light
  • Diaper pail
  • Baby monitor

Complete baby accessories

In addition to furnishing the baby room, completing the baby accessories is also an action plan. For example, consider the following accessories:

  • Stroller: Choose a stroller that suits your lifestyle and needs. Are there many walks in the city or on unpaved roads? There are many different models available, all with their own pros and cons. Think carefully about how, when and where the stroller will be used most often and adjust your choice accordingly.
  • Playpen: A playpen is a safe place for a baby to relax and play and, as a parent, it is useful to put the baby in as soon as you want your hands free. But it is also a big thing that stands in the living room for quite a long time and later also waits in the attic for a possible next child. When buying a box, think about safety, the shape of the box (will it be round or square), if necessary. foldable, and comfort.
  • Baby carrier: It can be very useful for parents to have your child close to you. As a parent, you have your hands free and your child feels safe and secure. It is also ideal for a walk, to run an errand or when a child is crying and needs comfort.
  • Useful and practical items: Also consider practical items, such as a diaper bag, pumping device if you want to breastfeed as a mother, bottle warmer, extra bottles and bottle teats, car seat, high chair and a buggy.

Thinking of a baby name

Nowadays you can find plenty of inspiration on the internet when it comes to baby names. Tip: Always put your last name after any baby name you think of. Sometimes it fits perfectly and sometimes it is not a match, so that a doubtful case can easily be lost. And don't forget to find out the meaning behind a name. You may think the name is beautiful, but the meaning is less beautiful.

Select a birth announcement card

There are many types and sizes of birth announcements available. And there is plenty of inspiration to be found on the internet, but also in shops where birth announcements can be made, the possibilities are endless.

What is written on a birth announcement? In any case, the name, date of birth, weight and length of the baby and a personal message. Consider, for example, filling in the arrival of visitors, because a few weeks of rest before visitors arrive can be nice. Would you like to receive visitors during the maternity week or perhaps afterwards? Always have visitors call or text first before they come for a maternity visit, so don't forget to include telephone numbers on the birth announcement.

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Enjoy the maternity period

During the first few days, new parents are inundated with messages, phone calls and cards from everyone wanting to congratulate them on the miracle that has been born. These are truly special moments to enjoy. All well wishes and congratulations require a nice spot!

  • Hang all received cards with a wooden clothespin on a rope or bead garland and hang them in the bedroom or living room to see in the near future how special it is that everyone shares their congratulations.
  • There are also special card racks or hanging systems available to which you can attach the cards with special clips.
  • Attach sturdy rope over a large cupboard and hang the cards sideways from the ropes along the cupboard with a clothespin.
  • Find a large branch in the forest and hang strings from it on which the cards can hang.
  • Buy a large canvas and stretch ribbons around it that are attached crosswise. Make sure the ribbon is stretched tight so that you can attach cards behind it.
  • Still have a cool wooden panel in the shed? Attach the cards with, for example, a thumbtack or hang them on a rope.

After a while, all the cards can be kept in a nice storage box or stick them in a large album. Super fun for later!

Are you the lucky one who gets to experience all this, enjoy all the preparations and especially parenthood. These are special moments that deserve the right attention.

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Photo credits: Unsplash Kelly Sikkema and Tim Bish