What is the effect of giving and receiving compliments?

Do you ever receive a compliment? That feels nice, right?! But why is that so nice? What does it do to you and what is the best way to give a compliment? Did you know that giving and receiving compliments improves the atmosphere, brings more positivity, productivity and creativity and gives your self-confidence a big boost? Enough reasons to give a compliment more often. And that will certainly work with the tips below.

What is a compliment?

A compliment is an expression of appreciation or admiration that you give to someone else. For example, it can be about someone's appearance, personality, behavior or performance. A compliment doesn't have to be complicated, not at all! A small gesture can have a huge positive impact and be appreciated. A compliment is intended to give someone a positive feeling and it also gives the giver a pleasant feeling. We could all give out compliments a lot more often. That makes everyone happy, doesn't it? And, it is not only the recipient who enjoys the positive effect of a compliment. The giver also benefits. Giving a compliment ensures a better relationship and also gives a feeling of happiness.

How do you compliment someone?

The impact of a compliment depends on how good the compliment is. General, meaningless comments do little good, both when giving and receiving. For example, saying that someone is wearing nice clothes does not have much influence on the atmosphere or the relationship, because that can be said to anyone. But if you say: "I really appreciate that you always listen to me so well, it really makes me feel heard!" this will have a positive effect and strengthen the relationship.

If you think too much about giving a compliment, it will probably not come across as sincere. A compliment usually comes to mind immediately or you may think of a compliment in advance, but then you often know what you can positively surprise the recipient with. We have a number of tips for giving someone a sincere compliment:

  • Make sure you give a sincere compliment. Something you really mean. Speak from your feelings and experiences. You can really touch someone this way.
  • Make it specific and concrete. Details make it individual and personal and contribute to authenticity.
  • Focus only on the positive aspects in your compliment. Negative comments or comments immediately nullify your compliment.
  • Last but not least: Choose the right moment. Make sure you have everyone's attention so that your compliment is really heard. Adjust the moment and also estimate whether the recipient appreciates it at that moment.

Some nice tips to compliment someone with:

  • Work-related compliment: "I really admire your dedication at work. You pay attention not only to the big picture, but also to the small details. Your thoroughness and accuracy really make a difference in the team."
  • Social compliment: "Your listening ear means a lot to me. It is so noticeable that you are genuinely interested in others and that you take the time to really understand what is going on. That always makes our conversations valuable."
  • Creative compliment: "I am always impressed by your creative talents. The way you combine colors and shapes in your art is truly beautiful. It always gives me a positive energy when I look at your creations."
  • Self-care compliment: "You have a great way of taking care of yourself. The fact that you make time for self-reflection and personal growth shows strong character. It also inspires me to invest more in my own well-being."
  • Organizational compliment: "Your ability to stay organized, even in stressful situations, is admirable. I notice how you always have everything in order, and that ensures that everything runs smoothly. A true leadership quality!"
  • Friendship compliment: "You are truly a rock. No matter what happens, you are always there for me with a listening ear, an encouraging word or practical help. Your unconditional support is invaluable to me and I I am truly lucky to have a friend like you. Thank you for always being there, no matter what. Your presence makes every challenge a lot easier."
  • New steps: “How brave of you to look for a new job. The fact that you dare to take steps outside your comfort zone shows impressive determination. You show that you are open to growth and new challenges, and that is truly inspiring. I strongly believe that your tenacity and courage will take you far in your professional journey. Go for it, you deserve every success!"

What does it do to you when you receive a compliment?

Giving a compliment feels good, but receiving a compliment is perhaps even more valuable. Receiving compliments boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel appreciated and heard. Giving compliments can also help build friendship, love and connection, because you show that you have genuine attention for others.

 Compliments contribute to creating a positive atmosphere in different environments, such as at home in your family situation, but also at work among colleagues and/or customers. It can improve overall mood and reduce tension and can motivate and enthuse people. Compliments can also ensure better communication and contribute to a positive self-image. Enough reasons to give a compliment more often!

Give a compliment more often

Giving and receiving compliments helps build positive relationships, strengthen self-confidence and create an overall positive environment. It's a simple, yet valuable way to connect with others and promote overall well-being. So give a compliment more often, it makes the world a bit more positive and valuable!


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