Who are you going for a walk with soon?

Now that I no longer have to run for the train, shop online and I stay at home as much as possible and limit social contacts so as not to infect myself and others with Corona, I feel I getting heavier. The so-called ' corona kilo s' are flying and my fuse is getting shorter and shorter. But don't worry, there is a solution: go for a walk!

Research has proven that walking is good for your health. Your heart, blood vessels, blood pressure, cholesterol, bones and muscles, weight and memory, they all improve. Watch this nice video from an American doctor who will convince you that daily walking is super healthy. But it also does so much more! Below are even more reasons to go for a walk.

Walking is good for your mood

Walking has a huge positive effect on mood. Do you ever suffer from unpleasant feelings, or are you depressed or anxious? Walking produces serotonin. Serotonin is also called the happiness hormone. It is created when you are moving and/or looking at beautiful things. The combination of nature and movement is therefore ideal in these cases.

Walking is good for your sleep

Do you sleep badly? Walking stimulates your day and night rhythm. By spending a lot of time in the open air, your body will naturally sense when it gets dark and get tired. In addition, the movement itself already provides a satisfied and calm feeling, making tossing and turning in bed a thing of the past.

Change of scenery

Variety is nice and promotes creativity and happiness. Unlike, for example, a game of tennis or a gym, a walk is always different. You can choose between woods, dunes, beach, or along a river, but a city walk or just a detour in your neighborhood can also be very innovative. Do you have a fixed round? Then walk it the other way around, or go exploring and go in a different direction to see where you end up.

Walking is cheap and accessible

If you can walk, you can walk. And you don't need any special equipment. Day or night, far or near, long or short, you can walk anytime, anywhere. Many hiking trails have already been mapped out. For example, download one of the routes from Staatsbosbeheer for free. Or use the free app All Trails to track your own hikes, but also to see hikes of others in your area.

Alone or together?

Whether you go with your whole family or with a friend or alone, you can do it anytime and anywhere, alone or together. Have you noticed that there are more and more walking coaches. Walking and talking go very well together. Because you don't look someone straight in the eye, you talk more freely and you are more open.

What does the RIVM say?

As long as there is no complete lockdown, we can go outside for a walk. A few basic rules:

  • Go alone or in pairs (exceptions: children up to and including 12 years, people from 1 household).
  • Do not take into account the 1.5 meter distance with no housemates.
  • Stay home with flu symptoms.
  • Avoid busy places.
  • Go at quiet times.
  • Bring enough to eat and drink.

Who are you going on a walking date with soon?

So are these enough reasons for you? Invite a colleague, neighbour, sister or friend for a nice walk soon. Call, app or invite them with an exclusive Walking Date invitation. Not a walker? Do you like quests? Then Geocashing is really something for you. Want more action? Maybe a Sport Date to go mountain biking or rollerblading together? As long as you are outside, a change of scenery and exercise, you will come out of this corona crisis healthy!