5 Tips for Happy Cleaning

A clean and tidy house means for me order in my mind. It's just not my favorite activity. Time for some nice tips to make the big cleaning a bit more fun!

Cleaning is really not my thing. With 3 young children it is sometimes a real challenge and I look forward to it every time. I can really enjoy a tidy and clean house. A hall full of sand and shoes or a full counter make me restless and put me in a bad mood.

Together you do more

Some jobs are just better to do together. Ask a friend to help you! Invite someone for a job date , because cleaning together (and of course that includes gossiping, laughing and chatting) stimulates you to do your best and your house will undoubtedly become even cleaner. Realize that you can also return this good deed.

Put on music!

Brushing dancing and singing is a lot more fun. Music always energizes me and singing along makes me very happy. With a bit of luck you can also turn your cleaning session into a real workout. There are a lot of playlists on Spotify. For example, try Cleaning music! Or Cleaning mix , or put on your favorite band or artists, for example I go well on Prince and Queen. If necessary, close your curtains and let yourself go every now and then.

Fine stuff

Use things that make you happy. Make sure you have enough cheerful microfiber cloths at home, nice buckets and a good squeegee and mop. Use detergent with a nice smell. For example, use the products from Humdakin or Foekje Fleur , which are not only tasty, but also environmentally friendly. That's a win-win-win!

Image: priscilla du preez

Clean up and give away

Sometimes it's nice to get rid of some stuff you've grown tired of, but it can still get a second life somewhere else. How about giving it away to a friend or a neighbor, or perhaps to a thrift store or the Salvation Army .

Reward yourself!

Don't forget to reward yourself for your hard work. Of course with a good coffee break with something delicious or a healthy snack, but also provide a nice reward for when the job is done. Something to look forward to. For example, have a delicious 3-course menu delivered from your favorite restaurant or buy a beautiful bunch of flowers. Maybe put a tasty and fun one reed diffuser down. Or how about a nice window sticker on those clean windows that gives you happy rainbows every day!

I hope I was able to inspire you. Which tip are you going to work with?