7 fun outings that are allowed again

The lockdown is over! We haven't been able to do all those things that used to be so obvious for a year. Now that the relaxation of the corona measures have been appointed, give I Would you like some inspiration for what we can and can do again.

We can invite an unlimited number of people at home again, so organize a BBQ, give that houswarming, or celebrate what you still have to celebrate, now it's possible again! But we can also get back on the road. Everything is open again! We've already done enough of all that hanging at home, right? Seven tips for fun outings.

Tip 1. Go to the cinema

Many films have been watched with us, but the cinema is a different experience. Watch the latest movies like The Battle of the Scheldt , Nobody , Pieter Konijn on the run and much more in the cinema. The popcorn, M&Ms and hot nachos are already waiting for you.

Tip 2. Grab a terrace or eat out

Restaurants and cafes are now allowed to open from 06:00 to 22:00 and they are also allowed to receive people inside. So we can also eat out on a somewhat cool or rainy day. And the great thing is, we can also sit at one table with up to four people from different households. So book quickly and invite your friends!

Tip 3. To an amusement park or zoo

The zoos and amusement parks were open for a while, but now all indoor enclosures and indoor attractions are open again. This way we can see and do everything in a park and occasionally look for shade and coolness, or eat or drink something in a restaurant.

Tip 4. We can enjoy sports again

Sports are allowed again both indoors and outdoors, and everyone can train normally again, without keeping a distance of one and a half meters. That plays a lot nicer. The gyms are also open again and group lessons can be given again. We can even use the changing rooms and the sometimes accompanying sauna again. Time to get down to getting us bikini-ready!

Tip 5. Get inspired in a museum

Hurrah! The museums are open again. If there's something I've missed, it's the option to get inspired in the museum. There is always plenty to see, topics that make you think and room for surprises.

Tip 6. Swimming pools are open again

My kids love it, splashing in the water for hours. So nice that the swimming pools are now also opening again for recreation. Afterwards you can also rinse off the chlorine water and change in a changing room. Very nice.

Tip 7. Sauna

Relax in a bubble bath or feel the warmth come over you with an infusion. It's possible again, because the saunas will open again! Quickly find one near you… or maybe a bit further away if you don't want to run into your neighbour. After all those home schooling sessions and whole days indoors with the kids, we deserve some relaxation, right?!

And now this is all possible again at 1.5 meters away

  • Visit a theater performance
  • Visit concert
  • An evening out to a nightclub or discotheque
  • To the fair
  • To a festival
  • Band or stand-up comedian in a café (entertainment in hospitality)
  • Cheering (or just watching) for your team down the line
  • Stand/sit/hang at the bar
  • Adult competitions
  • On the road without a mask in your bag, jacket and car

A lot can be done at 1.5 meters away. Are you going to the cinema, the sauna, or an amusement park? Or would you rather visit a museum? I'm going out for dinner with a few friends anyway or grabbing a drink on a terrace and soon I'll follow a Zumba class again. Who are you going invite ?