What is the added value of letterbox gifts

Have you ever given a letterbox gift to someone or received one yourself? We can really say it's fun! Because who doesn't love to surprise and be surprised? And it really doesn't have to be big and expensive. It was not! Letterbox gifts are very popular these days and we understand their added value. But what is the added value of letterbox gifts? We are going to explain that to you. Read and be inspired!

Easy shipping

The advantage of a letterbox gift is that you can send it directly to the recipient. So you don't have to go out for it and you don't have to bring it either. Although that is of course also super fun. But sometimes it's just not convenient to go out, you want to cheer up a sick person or wish someone strength or success. Whatever the reason, a letterbox gift is a valuable gift to provide someone from a distance with a quick and special surprise.

Surprise effect

A letterbox gift is a surprising experience, especially if you don't expect it. You don't often get a present in the mail, do you? How nice is it that among the bills and advertising brochures there is an original gift especially for you? That makes your heart jump and immediately gives you a moment of happiness. (Also read: 3 Important reasons why surprising is so much fun )

For everyone's budget and cost-effective

A letterbox gift obviously fits through the letterbox, so it is not very large and heavy, but rather light and subtle. This keeps shipping costs low, allowing you to choose a cost-saving, yet very cool gift. The letterbox gifts are also available in different price ranges, so there is a beautiful gift for every budget. And... you don't have to spend hours searching in the store for that one perfect gift.

Original and unique

If you are a fan of originality, then a letterbox gift is certainly unique. There is plenty of choice and a suitable gift can be found for every recipient. The nice thing is that you can give something other than a bouquet of flowers as a gift. We have a great variety of letterbox gifts, such as:

Letterbox gifts for every occasion

No matter what you think of it, there are many occasions when you can give a letterbox gift. For example, think of:

  • birthday
  • anniversaries
  • wedding day
  • wish you well
  • to wish good luck
  • graduates and so on.

There is always a reason to send a letterbox gift. It certainly has added value, because it is surprising, diverse, cost-saving, unique, original and simply fun to give or receive. You give attention in a special way and leave a beautiful memory.