Valuable gesture: Wishing you luck, this is how you do it!

There are many moments in life when we want to encourage, motivate and support others. Whether it's taking an exam, buying a new home, or undergoing surgery, wishing someone good luck is a valuable gesture for those who receive it.

But how do you wish someone success in a successful and valuable way? What should you pay attention to and which words are best to use? With the tips for good luck wishes below you will make a valuable gesture.

Wishing someone who is taking final exams good luck

1. Make them feel supported

When someone is going through something exciting, it's nice to know that someone has your back and they are there for you. Let the person know that you are thinking of them during the fun, tiring, turbulent, exciting, happy or not-happy moment in their life. 'We're rooting for you', for example, not only shows commitment and compassion, but also makes them feel that they are not alone. By wishing someone good luck at a specific moment, you give someone a feeling of support and confidence.

2. Motivational words

Use sweet and motivating words that have a positive effect on someone else and encourage and motivate them for what they are going to do. Let them know that you believe in them and take away their stress and uncertainty. Is your girlfriend going to have a baby soon or does she have a new job? Phrases like 'You can do this!' and ' You got this !' let them know you believe in them. And sentences like 'Go for it! and 'Show what you can do' encourages someone.

3. Positive vibes only

Tell what you like so much about the person you are sending the card to so that they can go into the operation or exam with a positive feeling. Mention their qualities and what they are working towards. A look ahead into the future is also nice to give. Is your son taking his driving test? Let him know that he can soon take a nice car holiday with your car. Is your girlfriend going to graduate as a doctor soon? Then describe a future vision of her flourishing own practice that she can start soon. How nice is it, for example, to send that on the rainbow maker window sticker card with the text ' Good things are coming '. With a good luck wish you can give someone just that little bit of happiness he or she needs to forget the tension for a while and feel the drive that it will be a success.

4. Be original

Use your creativity to put a smile on someone's face or to comfort someone with beautiful words in sad times. For example, send a humorous card for an exam, an uplifting message during sleepless nights with a baby or send a vase card and say that you will soon bring the flowers and do some chores in the new house. A little humor and creativity can lighten tensions.

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wish someone good luck with an original card

5. Offer help

Sometimes wishing good luck goes further than just words. In some situations or events it is nice to have practical help. For example, consider domestic help when someone has had surgery or handyman help when someone has bought a house. Perhaps you can help a friend prepare for an exam or provide a listening ear during a stressful time. Or how about practical help when a baby is born?

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Texts to wish someone good luck

It is sometimes quite difficult to find the right words to wish someone good luck, cheer them up, offer support or encourage them. We have a number of unique texts that you can say or write on a card.

  • “You have worked so hard and deserve to shine. Go for it and show the world what you can do! Good luck!"
  • "You are stronger and braver than you think. Believe in yourself and let your talent shine. Good luck!"
  • “You have everything it takes to succeed. Stay focused and above all stay positive, good luck!”
  • "A new challenge is just around the corner, but I know you're ready for it. You got this ! Good luck!"
  • "You're ready to conquer the world! Good luck with [insert occasion here, such as exams, job interview, etc.]."
  • "Remember: every step you take brings you closer to your goal. Keep at it and don't let anything or anyone stop you. You can do it !"
  • "It's time to show what you can do. Believe in yourself, trust your strength, you will succeed !"
  • "Keep shining, keep discovering, keep growing and show the world what you're worth. Good luck!"
  • “Getting started with something new can be scary, but I know you can handle it. Trust yourself and let success be your guide. Good luck!”
  • “Facilitate with confidence, we are thinking of you and keeping our fingers crossed for you!”

Of course you can also be creative with texts and adjust it as desired. The most important thing is to convey sincere support, good luck wishes and encouragement.

wish success with original success wishes

Success or strength?

Try to put yourself in the other person's shoes and ask what he or she needs. There may be times when someone is not looking for good wishes, but rather for comfort and support. In these cases, it is important to show empathy and choose the right words. Consider whether the situation calls for wishing 'strength' rather than 'success'. For example, during surgery it may be more appropriate to say, “I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery.”

Words mean so much more

Wishing good luck is more than just a social gesture; it is an expression of compassion, encouragement and support. So let's choose our words carefully in the moments, give our full support, and work together for the success of others. Do you know someone around you who could use a helping hand and thrives on beautiful words? Send a good luck wish with one of our original cards with the right heartfelt words. Good luck!

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