Valentine's Day, this is how you celebrate the day of love

February 14 is Valentine's Day again, the day you can celebrate love extra with your loved one and/or everyone you love. Let's celebrate love every day, but this day a little more. We have the best Valentine's Day dates for you and our top 3 Valentine's Day gifts to surprise your loved one(s) with. Read and be inspired!

What is the story behind Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is considered a commercial day of celebration for many, but it actually has a deeper meaning that stretches back into history. It is even said that this loving day takes its name from the third century AD Christian priest Saint Valentine. According to legend, Saint Valentine would secretly bring lovers together, despite Emperor Claudius II's ban on marriages for young men.

Are you still following? Valentinus was sentenced to death for his actions, but not before sending a farewell letter to his jailer's daughter, signed "From your Valentine." This story makes it clear that you can not only surprise your partner during Valentine's Day, but also surprise your loved ones, such as your mother, father, daughter, son or other loving people around you.

Lasting memory for Valentine's Day

When you think of Valentine's Day you probably immediately think of loving gifts to give, but this can of course also be a beautiful memory. What is the value of giving a lasting memory?

  • A memory can symbolize the love you feel for a person, it can be as a partner, but of course also as a friend. A memory is tangible evidence of the time you spent together and the special moments you shared together.
  • For example, when giving a Valentine's date, the recipient can see that you have put effort into choosing something special. This already indicates that that person also has a special place in your heart. A fun date or activity provides a beautiful memory that can further strengthen the bond between love or friendship.
  • Of course, giving a Valentine's Day gift such as chocolate and flowers is a genuine token of appreciation and very loving. It is only a temporary gift and does not provide a constant reminder.

Celebrate love with these fun Valentine's Day dates

Giving a memory on Valentine's Day goes beyond just the material aspect of a gift. It adds an emotional charge and symbolizes the value placed on the relationship. Celebrate love together with these Valentine's Day dates:

  • Day or weekend away: This is always a good idea and is very popular. Enjoy a day at the beach together, a weekend somewhere in the Netherlands or a city trip abroad. If you have been together for a while, visit a place where you have fond memories.
  • Lunch or dinner: Great fun to have lunch or dinner in that one lunchroom or that nice restaurant that your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, son or daughter is a fan of. Or that place he or she has never been, but is still on the bucket list.
  • Kitchen date : Love is baking together, because love goes through the stomach. A kitchen date is super original and fun, so much fun to do together. Bake a delicious cake or prepare a tasty dinner in the new steam oven... plan that date!
  • Do a date : A pleasant evening of theater, comedy or cabaret is really an evening of enjoyment and something different. Also fun to do with a friend or sister.
  • If you want to go the extra mile, it is great fun to make a beautiful piece of gold or silver jewelry together with your Valentine. A cool ring in the same shapes, a special pendant for a necklace or a bracelet with a meaning. Giving a piece of jewelry is a sign of love, but making a piece of jewelry together gives even more meaning to your friendship and/or love for each other.
  • If you and your Valentine love sports, you can also make pirouettes together on an ice rink, play a game of padel on a padel court or a game of jeu de boules at an indoor boules bar, for example, where you can also enjoy a drink and a snack. Super fun and active!

Our top 3 Valentine's Day gifts

Top 1: Invitations

Would you like to invite someone to one of the dates above in a fun way? Then do this in an original way with one of our invitations . With these cards you can always send a fun, sporty or tasteful date to someone you love and want to surprise with a pleasant appointment. Tip, buy a package with all 6, so you can go ahead with fun dates. The invitation package consists of these six dates:

  • Do date
  • Walking date
  • Sports date
  • Chat date
  • Job date
  • Kitchen date

Who are you going to surprise with these fun dates?

Top 2: Hugs & Flowers package

If you would like to surprise someone with a beautiful Valentine's gift, our wooden flowers with folding vase say 'I love you'. Roses fade, ships sink, but this package of flowers will always survive! A must for your Valentine. These flowers do not bloom and are here to stay. The lucky recipient can place the flowers in the beautiful folding vase supplied and the whole thing can be perfectly sent by post, so also nice for a secret Valentine.

Top 3: Rainbow maker window stickers

Slightly less classic, but certainly a loving gift: give positive energy for Valentine's Day by giving one of our rainbow maker window stickers as a gift. These special stickers give rainbows through your room and have a healing effect and stimulate the mind. Rose quartz in particular is beautiful to give, because this gemstone is the stone of the heart and the body is unconditional love. This stone opens the chakra of the heart to receive love and to give love. The stone attracts harmonious love and friendly relationships and also promotes self-love and self-acceptance. You want this every Valentine's Day!

What are you going to surprise your Valentine with? Make it an unforgettable and loving day!

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