7 tips for a refreshing interior

With the start of spring it is time for renewal and freshness. It is the perfect time to breathe new life into your interior and bring in new energy. With these 7 tips you can give your home a wonderfully fresh metamorphosis. Bring spring and spring fever into your home and get started quickly!

1. Start with a tidy house

Start with a clean slate by decluttering, decluttering and organizing. A tidy house provides peace of mind and leaves room for fresh new ideas. Get started and find items that you no longer use and sell them on the marketplace, put them on the giveaway corner on Facebook or take them to the thrift store. This way someone else can enjoy your beautiful gems. Do you know someone who is doing a lot of cleaning and will be moving soon? Send a nice letterbox gift , because between tidying up and doing odd jobs, nothing is more fun than actually receiving mail at your new address.

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2. Work one space at a time

Make sure you work room by room and make it manageable, but above all fun and clear. For example, start with the living room. Once it is finished, continue working towards the bedroom, kitchen, hallway and other rooms. If you have everything turned upside down, you have little to no overview and cleaning up becomes no more fun.

3. Create a mood board

Before you start your restyle, it is useful to create your own mood board. A mood board is a collage of different images that create a certain style. This way you can get a clear idea of ​​the style and atmosphere you want to create in your home, and whether everything fits together. Do this on a large piece of cardboard, paper or canvas.

  • Gather inspiration from magazines.
  • Stick different materials and fabrics on your spring mood board.
  • Be inspired by materials from nature, such as different stones, leaves and wood.
  • Would you rather not cut and paste? Visit online platforms such as Pinterest and create an online mood board.

4. Get inspiration in a home furnishings store

Pictures in magazines are nice, but it is really different when you are standing in the living room and sitting on that couch. Home furnishing stores have an infinite number of rooms decorated in different styles and colors, and you can really taste the atmosphere to get a clear idea of ​​what you want. Tip 1: A few stores have the wall paint color written down too, so if you see a color you like, take a photo of it to remember. Tip 2: Don't go alone. If it's not for your partner, go with a sister/brother or friend. Oh and combine it with a nice lunch, because believe me, after a morning or an afternoon in a home furnishings store you need some relaxation.

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    5. Refurbish old furniture

    Not everything has to be new. Old things in particular give character to your interior. Breathe new life into old furniture by renovating or restyling them. For example, sand an old table and give it a lick of paint, or replace the upholstery of a chair with a fabric that matches your mood board.

    6. Add flowers and plants

    Bring nature from the outside in by adding flowers and plants to your interior. Choose fresh, large green plants that add more color to a dull wall. In addition to adding greenery, fresh spring flowers can add color and fragrance to your interior, creating a fresh and lively atmosphere in your home. Did you know that there are special plants and flowers available that filter the air and add more oxygen to the room? So they not only provide more color, they also ensure fresh air quality in the home.

    7. Ask for help or offer your help

    Don't be afraid to ask for help if you get stuck remodeling your home. Whether it's moving furniture, choosing paint colors, or styling a space, a professional interior designer can provide valuable advice. But of course you can also ask for help from neighbors, friends or family. On the other hand, if you are handy in interior design and would like to get started to give every room a fresh start, offer help to others and, for example, send a job date . Helping each other is a way to connect with others and come up with creative solutions together.

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    With these 7 tips, you are ready to transform your home into an attractive space to start spring with a fresh look. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the transformation as you embrace the energy of the season. It immediately gives you fresh energy, so get started right away!

    Do you know someone who has just completed a metamorphosis? Or perhaps you had to furnish a completely new house due to a move? Send them a vase card or give a rainbow maker as a housewarming gift. That will be a nice addition to their interior. Make sure you choose the right color that matches the new interior. :)

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