5 Nicest mailbox presents that give a feeling of happiness

In the digital age we live in, real mail has faded into the background a bit. Logical of course, but on the other hand also a pity and unnecessary. Because nothing beats real mail and remains fun to send, but especially to receive. Would you like to send a beautiful and personal card to someone you love, someone who could use a pick-me-up or just to say hello? You can with these cool cards and letterbox presents from Happy Whatever . And... you can of course also send something nice to yourself. These are the 5 nicest mailbox gifts that give a feeling of happiness.

1.Happy Days

Do you already know who you want to give a happy day? These cool Happy Days are really a feast for the eyes. With the cheerful birthday calendar you will never forget a single birthday of friends and family. The cool calendar is not year-bound, so it will last for years, so it's sustainable too! You even get 3 beautiful postcards to give a birthday boy a feeling of happiness. These are also available in a set of 12, ideal for stocking up on congratulations.

2. Rainbow window decals

Do you want to give someone a cheerful pick-me-up? Then these colorful rainbow window stickers are a must for a happy window! Stick the sticker on a window and as soon as the sunlight shines into your home, office or car, you get a color spectacle of I have you there. Get rid of that winter day! This makes you happy right away!? You can write a nice or sweet message on the card, on which the stickers are attached.

3. Foldable vases

What do you think of these greeting cards that fold over into beautiful geometric vases that you can place over a bottle or glass? How cute are these foldable vases and lasting memories. They are available in different colors, motifs and even in 3 sizes, so that you can always find a suitable vase for the recipient. Write a nice personal message on the inside to give an extra feeling of happiness.

4. Invitations with a message

We really should meet more often. A sentence that we regularly mention when we have done something fun with friends or family. Make sure the dates stay in and send these beautiful invites with a message for the next date. For a nice walking date, a sports date, a kitchen date or perhaps a DIY date! This really makes sending a card a lot more fun. And especially in today's time, it's nice to have some fun plans ahead, right?

5. Happy Planting

You can perfectly create a pleasant experience at home or at the office with the Happy Planting cards. Color them in, decorate them or paint the cards and send them. Would you also like to hang them in your interior or at the office? Buy them for yourself too, be creative and hang them up with washi tape. Did you give that boring wall an upgrade with cozy plants? An additional advantage … you don't have to water them.

Who are you going to give a smile to today?