3 Important reasons why surprise is so much fun

Life is full of predictable, but also unpredictable surprises. A surprise is something that differs from what your brain expected. This can be fun, but also less fun. It has been proven (by American psychologists) that surprises do something to our brain. Both surprise someone and be surprised yourself. That's why we have these 3 important reasons why surprise is so much fun. And then we are talking about the positive way of surprising. Let's do this more often!

1. Surprise makes you happy

Who doesn't like a nice surprise? Your feeling of happiness takes a leap when you are surprised by someone close to you. Especially when you really don't expect it. But not only that, because when you surprise someone you experience the same feeling of happiness. The happiness hormone dopamine is produced, which strengthens your feeling of happiness. Lucky you! The word happiness means 'quality of life', also called 'life satisfaction', so you can understand why we have to surprise each other more often. It's the little moments that make us enjoy life more.

2. It provides a (permanent) memory

We're better off collecting memories than stuff, right? And with a surprise you certainly provide a memory. Even sometimes for a lasting memory . If that's not a present! Whether you want to surprise someone with a dinner , a beautiful piece of jewelry or another beautiful message , it always makes for a nice memory. An unexpectedly nice surprise will be remembered sooner than something you already expected. Your brain stores the positive experience well and therefore remains etched in the memory for longer. You may still be able to tell stories about that nice unexpected surprise in 5 or 10 years.

3. Surprise strengthens the bond

Did you know that surprising someone or being surprised has a binding effect and strengthens the bond? A really valuable addition of surprising and being surprised. It ensures that you look at the person who surprises you or who you want to surprise with a different look. It sharpens your senses and makes you more attentive to the person, surprise and situation. Cool huh! If you want to surprise someone, you start thinking about what you want to give or how you are going to present it. Just the idea that someone puts in the time and effort to surprise you is already special, don't you think?

How are you going to surprise someone in a special way?

Do you want to surprise someone with a beautiful gift or a special message? Of course it really doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Surprise someone with, for example:

  • A letterbox gift , such as a folding vase , a window decal that gives rainbows .
  • Handwritten postcard with a beautiful and special message.
  • Invitation to take someone on a walking, sports, kitchen or DIY date. Success guaranteed!
  • Think of something fun from someone's bucket list. These are often special and nice surprises that are appreciated.
  • Schedule a chore day for someone who still has a laundry list of chores to do.
  • A spontaneous call or visit to someone you haven't seen for months or longer.

As you read, it's really not about very big things with which you can surprise someone and increase the feeling of happiness. Send someone a nice letterbox gift or just a postcard today . Who are you going to surprise?