5 simple tips to enjoy the little things more

Enjoy the little things. It may sound cliché, but it really is so valuable! But what does small happiness actually mean? Happiness means something different to everyone, but the most important thing is that you do things that make you happy and that give you energy. Are you lost or have no idea where to start? Small happiness: 5 simple tips to enjoy the little things more. It's really worth a try! 

Tip 1: Grab the sun and shine

Especially now that we are moving in the right direction towards spring, we are also seeing the sun more and more often. yes…. everyone was ready for this after a long and especially dark winter period. Grab that sun and shine as soon as golden yellow happiness is on the horizon. Even if it is still very cold outside, a cup of coffee in the sun with the coat on is really a boost for your happiness! It ensures that the happiness hormones endorphins and dopamine are produced in your body. So that cup of coffee in the sun is highly recommended and brings a little happiness. Ask a friend or neighbor for a cup of coffee, so you can share the happiness.

Tip 2: Spend more time with your loved ones

A tip that definitely works! Are you blessed with dear family, friends and acquaintances? Then you might also be very happy if these people are close to you. And to cherish that feeling, it's nice to spend more time with them. Meet up more often for a cup of coffee (in the sun ;-) ), a walk or a drink. It really doesn't always have to take a lot of time. Even a pleasant telephone conversation makes you enjoy the little things more.

Tip 3: Send a personal card more often

Do you always get so happy with real mail in your mailbox? Your happiness takes a jump when you find a personal and handwritten card in your mailbox, right? Send a personal card more often to someone you love, to a family member to put a heart under the belt, to invite someone for something nice or just like that. Because the little happiness lies in choosing a nice card , looking for words to write on and the special message you want to convey.

Tip 4: Take a walk in nature

A walk in nature brings you pure happiness. Because did you know that it has been proven that walking :

  • makes you more creative and productive.
  • gives you more space to put things off / process.
  • gives you more energy.
  • ensures that you produce happiness hormones.

So it's really worth taking a nice walk . Preferably go outside for at least half an hour every day to experience and hold on to this positive vibe every day. Nature has so many beautiful little gifts for you to enjoy. So take a good look around you, listen to the birds and smell the fresh air. Because that's enjoying the little things.

Tip 5: Be grateful

And last but not least: be thankful! By being aware of the things you have, that you have achieved and where you are now... ensure that you can put things into perspective better. This way you better reflect on the fact that you have a roof over your head, you have a job, you have food every day and you are safe. By being aware of these important points, you can enjoy the little things to the fullest.

How do you enjoy the little things?